Grant Accountability 2022

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Bellyful New Zealand Trust

August 4, 2023

Sally Warrender

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Salary funding for Bellyful branches

Salary funding support for our Finance Officer.

This funding provided salary support for our Finance Officer, so that our branch finances are managed and volunteers supported in their mahi aroha. From transferring funds, paying suppliers, reimbursing expenses, and general financial support for our volunteer teams.

Perinatal Support Nelson Inc

August 3, 2023

Dawn Allan

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We requested funds so that we could produce a parenting video that we can share with parents and parenting groups.

The funds went towards development of the video, this included fleshing out a script, payment to the two people who appeared on the video and equipment hire.

By having this invaluable video resource produced it helps parents understand a bit more about what PND is, what can be done to help and letting Mum's know that they aren't alone.

The StarJam Charitable Trust

July 31, 2023

Vanessa Fowles

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Funding for overall running costs of 10 Wellington StarJam weekly workshops for local youth with disabilities.

We achieve our aim of supporting our Jammers (participants) to develop social and physical skills through running weekly (fees-free) workshops in music and performance for young people aged 6 to 25 years with a range of disabilities, along with providing regular opportunities to perform and showcase their talents before audiences in a variety of community settings.

In the Wellington region we have 10 workshops directly benefitting 120 youth living with disabilities.

Wellington Regional Programme Coordinator Salary and levies

This funding ensured the safe and successful delivery of our Wellington Programme. The funds directly supported our Wellington Regional Programme Coodinator, Zoe Christall, who is the key point of contact and support for Jammers, their families/whanau and caregivers, and for workshop tutors and volunteers. Zoe recruits and trains the tutors and volunteers, seeks out performance opportunities and oversees all workshop operations.

Women's Network Whanganui

July 31, 2023

Carla Donson

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Careers Assistance Project for Women in Whanganui

A contribution towards personnel costs [attributed to a portion of the Manager's wages] to deliver a variety of careers-based activities, as well as some marketing and administration for the project.

The funding enabled us to support around 25 women with a range of career support and activities, including: updating CVs, employment applications, work readiness and interview practice, and the provision of work wardrobe items. It also enabled us to assist women experiencing a variety of challenges within their workplace, especially for women that couldn't afford to pay for further assistance.

Wellington Riding for the Disabled

July 31, 2023

Vikki Knight

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Office Manager

Retaining our valuable Office Manager who enables us to provide proven therapeutic horse riding programmes for people living with disabilities in the Greater Wellington Region.

Our Manager works 30 hours per week. Her role includes management of all enquiries, volunteer police checks, rider medical consents, training records, member and new supporter communications, newsletter compilation, and certification/operational requirements. She also does all our volunteer interviewing and ensures all records are kept up to date and relevant.

Parents Centre New Zealand Incorporated

July 31, 2023

Gemma Aitchison

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Publication of a parent resource book for pregnancy and the years beyond to be given to all of our antenatal classes throughout the country.

Towards the printing costs of our parent resource book 'Baby and You'.

The grant received from the John Ilott Charitable Trust enabled us to print our parent resource book 'Baby and You' a free of charge publication that is distributed to thousands of Kiwi families across Aotearoa each year. ​

Alongside our parent education classes, Baby and You is an excellent avenue to deliver vital information and support for parents from conception to five years. ​

Articles cover the latest news, research and stories from the ever-changing world of parenting. With the benefit of a tangible product that parents keep handy, refer back to and pass on to friends and family members. We know it remains in homes and waiting rooms for months, if not years.​

Parents prefer to receive the book in print form, rather than electronically, as it is more accessible for parents. We know that mothers read it while pregnant, or while breastfeeding their baby. The physical copy means the magazine and the information in it has longevity.

The physical copy also enables us to have a physical presence in the waiting rooms of midwives, doctors, and Plunket clinics and places that parents spend time.​

We would like to thank the Trustees of the John Ilott Charitable Trust for their support of our mission to ‘inform and connect parents’, so that we can fulfil our vision of ‘every child in Aotearoa meeting their full potential’.

RespectEd Aotearoa

July 31, 2023

Nicole Dalton

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Supervision for our staff - Supervision ensures that all staff are well supported and have an outlet to manage stress. Ultimately, supervision contributes to the long-term sustainability of our organisation.

Supervision for our staff who deal with sexual violence.

Supervision is a very important part of keeping our staff engaged and able to continue in this line of work. when embarking on sensitive topics it can bring up personal issues for staff and participants in our programmes, it's important that our staff have a nonjudgmental place to discuss these issues and helps keep us in the community doing prevention work.

Presbyterian Support Central

July 30, 2023

Rebecca Williams

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To offer our Anxiety Programme to children in Upper Hutt. Aimed at tamariki struggling with stress, anxiety, and who find day-to-day life overwhelming, the programme teaches skills to recognise feelings, manage emotions, and be calm.

Salary to cover the cost of the programme facilitator.

This funding ensured we were able to cover the costs of the facilitators, this meant we were able to offer the programme to some children that really benefited from it. As an example of the facilitator's success, a 13-year-old attended the Anxiety Programme to gain tools and education around anxiety to be able to better understand and manage this in everyday life. The programme gave her a space and support from facilitators to speak about challenging family dynamics so that these feel easier to manage and less stressful. After the programme her Dad reported she was better able to explain to him how she was feeling and why, reducing the arguments and melt downs they had been seeing. Dad also said she was able to communicate what she needed from him to help her. This was the start of building a better relationship between her and Dad.

Birthright Canterbury Trust

July 30, 2023

Rhodora Sagles

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022 043 5006

Grant was towards contribution to a pilot programme for One hour plus”, a one-to-one tutoring with a child one hour each week with a volunteer.

Contribution to Volunteer Coordinator wages to recruit and retain volunteers doing tutoring programme, mileage costs for staff and volunteers expenses.

The programme is vital to the children's learning in improving literacy, reading knowledge. The wellbeing of both the children and parents has increased significantly. The children reported more confidence and are happier going to school. The parents feel there is a support system for their children and for families led by one person.

Grant received enabled us to have resources to recruit and match volunteers to children needing extra support in reading, Maths, spelling and writing. Children’s ages range from 10 years old to 17 years old. Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds from a university student, doctor, ballet teacher, retired teachers and working professionals all wanted to help a child do better at school.

The grant contributed to the following outcomes:
• “One hour plus” programme benefits the wellbeing of both the children and parents.
• Children demonstrate improvement in their identified areas e.g. reading, science and maths.
• Children have increased confidence.
• The tutorial sessions enhance their social and communication skills having to interact with a volunteer.
• The programme complements school-related support like school uniform, shoes, stationery which all give the children increased chances of staying in school and completing their schooling.
• Recruiting and working with volunteers benefit the community.
• The programme contributes to support the families to participate in the community and for the children to grow up to be good citizens.

Our programmes and projects are driven by the needs and voices of whānau whom we are working with to enhance well-being, social and healthy relationships and connectedness.

Wellinton Club of Zonta Science Award

July 26, 2023

Dr Jan Pearson

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027 451 7359

To Commission and fund five new medals for the Biennial Science Award

Christine Snoeijer, Jeweller, of Patina Jewellers in Newtown has designed and made a prototype medal. The design has been approved by Zonta Club of Wellington members and Christine will deliver five medals at a total cost of $2,000 by the end of September 2023. A photo of the new medal is attached below. We will receive the invoice and pay when the medals are delivered.

The grant has enabled us to have enough medals in hand for the next five winners without depleting funds needed for the prize and associated event costs

Accountability PDF report


July 26, 2023

Sue Hammett

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027 697 6433

Expenses for our Fun Groups

We spent the grant on resources for our children's/youth programmes, an outing and van hires for the teens trip to Hanmer Springs

Your grant makes it possible for us to deliver an amazing programme to children and youth, which gives them skills, confidence and teaches well being. Some of our children/youth are socially isolated and don't get invited to birthday parties of their peers or ride a bike. You make learning and fun possible.

Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou

July 25, 2023

Bronwyn Fenn

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Telephone costs

Phone services & 0800 number

This funding has meant we have been able to keep the 0800 number available for those in the community that need support. As an organization that supports children and families with a family member in prison, making contact with someone that can help is essential, and often the first step in asking for that much needed help. We have received around 1500 calls this year, and this does not include the many calls that go directly to our frontline workers mobile phones.
By working with families and children we can work toward positive and productive futures for them and break the cycle of intergenerational offending. Reseach shows us that a stable home environment is essential and when a family member is released from prison, returning to a stable home also reduces the chances of re-offending.
We have noted that the cost of living has impacted our services, as the need for support from families has increased and we are therefore spending more time with families to ensure that needs are met and food insecurity is reduced (we have an MoU with St Vincents who help us with food parcels for whanau). We are also working hard to help get children back to school and healthy routines. Housing continues to be another area of concern.

Thank you for the support from the trust. Assistance with costs of this nature mean we can focus on providing the support to those vulnerable in our communities with a family member serving a sentence.

Palmerston North Methodist Social Services Trust

July 25, 2023

Barbara Davidson

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Costs associated with running our whanau education programmes

This grant supported the salary of our Education Coordinator/Social Worker.

This grant supported our Education Coordinator/Social Workers salary who is responsible for facilitating our whanau education programmes. This also involves following up on referrals from other agencies or schools of whanau seeking to attend our 'Dealing with Feelings' programme and speaking with schools/agencies about the programme. The Education Coordinator also tutors the programme with our other educators.

Living and Learning Family Centres Young Mum Program

July 24, 2023

Helen Perkins

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09 837 7992 / 029 773 0631

To provide funding to support our Young Mum program content by providing funding to cover the costs of the delivery of Inner City Women’s Group programs to our Young Mum program.

The grant was spent on providing facilitated programs by specialist trained facilitators to deliver iRate and Reclaiming Myself group workshops from Inner City Women’s Group to the participants of our Young Mum Program.

The grant contributed to the outcomes of our Young Mum program firstly, by providing financial support to offer two valuable group programs to our young māmā enrolled on our program. Alleviating some of the financial pressure to provide these much needed workshops to help young wahine to navigate traumatic issues and to increase their learning, knowledge and understanding to support their personal growth and development as a young parent.

Living and Learning Family Centre are very appreciative of receiving this funding grant to enable us to offer the Inner City Women’s Group workshops on our program. These are specially designed to cover sensitive, relevant, and informative material that is presented in a youth friendly approach. Workshops provide opportunities for learning about women and anger, communication, being assertive and challenging responses to difficult and unsafe relationships in a safe, supportive group environment. These workshops are essential to be delivered as a part of the Young Mum support program and have received multiple positive feedback from past participants. We know the program is hugely beneficial for young vulnerable māmā in our community to engage in. Thank you so much for your support.

Te Whakaora Tangata

July 24, 2023

Simone Graham

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Whānau coaching salary costs, enabling for 4 high-risk South Auckland families to receive Whānau Coaching for six months

Whānau Coaching Salary Costs

The grant of $2,000 from John Ilott Charitable Trust helped us provide Whānau Coaching to high-risk South Auckland families by providing funds to help us cover our whānau coaches’ salary costs.

Funding of $2000 equates to 4 families receiving Whānau Coaching for six months.
Our Whānau Coach, Ngaire Munro works with our highest risk clients, providing them with:
• In-home parenting coaching: addressing issues such as addiction, budgeting, home management, coping strategies, life & parenting skills
• Crisis Intervention – Ngaire helped provide 24/7 in-person crisis intervention available for families in crisis
• Advocacy – Ngaire provided support and advocacy for clients with courts, Oranga Tamariki and other agencies.
• Supporting them to attend our courses, including Kia Kaha workshops and group mentoring.
This has helped:
 Equip mothers with critical life skills
 Reduce isolation
 Provide a safe place for vulnerable women to build healthy relationships, community connections and increase social confidence.
 Build meaningful, genuine community where participants can support and encourage each other, sharing experiences and insight.
Ngaire also conducted first engagements with new whānau who were referred to us, or who came to us seeking help and support. Our First Engagements process helps us get to know the risk-level and individual challenges facing potential clients and helps us determine the best path forward for them. It also begins to establish a relationship of trust.

As clients engage with us we see:
SHORT TERM (after 1-6 months): a reduction in risk factors around physical and mental wellbeing along with an increase in protective factors, including: Emotional health and connectedness, empathy and concern for how actions affect others, stable family relationships, healthy role models/mentors, improved economic stability and increased social support.

MEDIUM TERM (6-12 months): a significant increase in parent/whānau self-efficacy, emotional stability, relational stability and resilience.

LONG TERM (12-24 months): whānau at low risk for family violence, child maltreatment, suicide, addiction, family breakdown, gang involvement, crime, unemployment, and a corresponding increase in protective factors. Parents are work-ready or in full-time employment with a reduced reliance on benefits and considering part-time or full-time study toward a realistic career goal. Parents are independently setting and achieving goals and providing safer, more nurturing homes for their children.

The wider community becomes safer through decreased crime and anti-social behaviour from these families. There is a reduced social burden on schools and social services and reduced financial burden on the welfare system as parents become work-ready job candidates and improve their work performance and stability. There is also greater social inclusion of, and positive contribution from, families formerly marginalised and isolated.

Your $2000 grant helped us fund our whānau coach, Ngaire Munro, to work with some of the highest-risk parents in South Auckland. The result is that parents who were struggling, overwhelmed and lacking the skills to parent well, are now becoming stable and safe. With our support, their children are no longer at high-risk of maltreatment and their families are on a journey to restoration – making it possible for those children to thrive and reach their full potential.